Baked Cod & This Week’s Dinners

Happy Monday, friends! If you’re like me, it’s your first Monday back post Spring Break. I swear I need that week away even more than my kids. There’s something about that mix of sunshine and absolutely nothing to do that is magical. I have so much to tell you about Cabo, but that will need to wait until later this week. Today is all about getting back into routines, including cooking dinner for my crew (I included a meatless dinner option for Friday since we’ll be celebrating Good Friday in our house and know that others might be doing the same.) Here’s what I’ll be serving up this week.

Monday: Italian Soup (I use sweet potatoes that are delicious in this soup!)

Tuesday: Spaghetti Squash & Meatballs (For a quicker meatball option, I love the Rosati meatballs + Raos Vodka Sauce that you can find everywhere. Fresh Market also has some delicious pre-made meatballs.)

Wednesday: Jennifer Aniston Salad and Pesto Chicken Tenders (just top some chicken tender strips from the grocery store with pesto sauce, a sprinkle of bread crumbs, and some parmesan cheese)

Thursday: Lightened Up Spaghetti

Friday: Baked Cod Sheet Pan Dinner

Saturday: Silo Pizza

I’ll be sharing some ideas for Easter brunch and dinner later this week. I’ll promise to let you know when I do. Let’s have a great week!


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