Costco Dinner Roundup

This might not be the most glamorous meal-planning post you read this week–or the healthiest–but it is a tasty and time-saving one!

Last week, my husband was out of town, so I took advantage of his time away to try out a number of the pre-made dinners Costco sells. With summer schedules heating up, and many of us hoping to entertain some out-of-town family and friends, it’s nice to know you can easily feed folks in a pinch. Here’s a roundup of the dinners we tried and what we thought.

Note: I’ve included the pricing as shown by Instacart. Actual in-store prices will be a little bit less.

This Beef Bulgogi may have been the best dinner we had all week. I served it over white rice with a green vegetable on the side and all of my kids loved it! To make it, you just sautee the beef and onions in a little olive oil and you’re finished. So good! Easily served 6.

My crew are kind of taco snobs and they really liked these. These Chicken Street Tacos are perfectly seasoned. I just put the chicken in a microwave dish and warmed for a few minutes before serving. This kit comes with all of the fixings and would be a hit with a crowd. I bought two of these meal kits for my crew of 6. There were no leftovers. Yum!

These Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Tuscan Seasoning are nice enough to serve at a dinner party. They can be grilled, seared, or baked. I served these with potatoes (the Costco scalloped potatoes are amazing!) and a green vegetable and you have a dinner you can be proud of in less than an hour. Serves 6 with some leftovers.

If your family likes salmon, these Salmon Milano Fillets are a no-brainer. I bake these in my oven and serve with a veggie-loaded salad and you have an amazing, healthy-ish (the pesto butter makes this a little more indulgent) summer dinner. These fillets are so large you can easily serve 6 by cutting them in half.

I wasn’t sure how these Stuffed Bell Peppers would go over, but they were a hit. It’s a complete meal in one little package, with the protein, carb, and veggie all in one place. Your bigger eaters–like my growing football players–will likely need two of these to feel full. But I love serving these with a green salad.

Speaking of salads, these two have become favorites in my house:

I hope this lightens up your dinner brainstorming for the week. Do you have any Costco meals you love? Please add in the comments if you do!

Have a great week!


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