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Hi friends. Happy Friday! It’s been a big week over here. After 10 years and 217,000 miles, I have retired from minivan life. As I was peeling the sports stickers off the back window, I was surprised at how sad I actually was to give up this car. It had become a huge part of my identity–steady, reliable, unflashy. So to graduate to the next chapter feels a little weird, but I’m excited to give it a go.

For those wondering, I was lucky enough to buy an SUV from Knauz BMW in Lake Forest. It’s beyond anything I could have hoped for. Right before they turned the keys over, one of the BMW team members was showing me all of the bells and whistles. It was like with this button, your car can fly. And with this button, you can make dinner for your whole family. I joke, but I was most excited that it had working air conditioning and brakes that don’t make the whole car shake when you come to a stop. It made me laugh inside to think the sales team thought my expectations were so high! Any way, it was a milestone week for this mom and this set a great tone for my favorites for this week. Let’s go!

Knauz BMW: I can not say enough what an absolute dream team they have working in this showroom. Lake Forester Bob Graziano is the general manager for this location. I met Bob twenty years ago when we lived across the street from him and his beautiful family in Lake Bluff. I always wanted to buy a car from him, but alas, I was destined to live a long and happy minivan life, until my air conditioner died last month and it was going to cost too much to fix it. So off to car shopping we went. Bob, Sam Picchetti (our sales rep), and the entire BMW team made it the most pleasant car buying experience I’ve ever had. So if you are in the market to buy a BMW, I can’t imagine going anywhere else. (Fun fact: My very first car was a four-year-old, red BMW from Knauz that I bought for $15,000 when they were still located in downtown Lake Forest, right across from where Kuro Bistro is today.)

Mypinerary: We’re coming to that part of summer when the North Shore becomes a ghost town. Everyone squeezes in that last-minute vacation between camps being over and schools being back in session. If you’re still looking to put together a last-minute trip, I encourage you to check out my friend Annie Pezza’s newest venture called “Mypinerary.” This is a new platform she’s created where like-minded adventurers share their actual travel experiences in the hopes of helping others plan vacations of their own. Annie was sweet enough to write a story about planning a camping trip for my blog. I’m so glad she did because I know nothing about camping and now may actually consider it with all of her helpful tips. Check this story out!

Skincare update: Yesterday, I paid a visit to my favorite skincare gal Kara at Dr. Terrasse’s Erase Medispa office. I hadn’t seen her since April and I was definitely due. To my surprise, she was very happy with how my skin looked and suggested just some dermaplaning (see this post for details on what dermaplaning is) and a hydrating mask. I asked about the new Microneedling procedure I keep hearing about, and while it’s safe to do in the summer, she said it’s really best to save this for fall. So we tentatively scheduled an appointment in September for Microneedling and a little BBL laser for a couple little troublespots she’d like to treat. (In case you’re interested, Erase Medispa is offering $100 off Microneedling facial appointments plus free treatment of your neck if you book your service now.)

Starting this book: I have heard so much about this memoir by Selma Blair titled Mean Baby. Selma has surprised many critics with her incredible writing talent and her gift for storytelling. I can’t wait to dive in.

These pajamas (the ones in the above photo): My daughter Grace recently said if there was such a thing as an “Ann Marie Starter Kit,” it would include some lipstick, a yoga mat, some peanut butter ice cream, and a great pair of pajamas. This new pair of pjs from the brand navyBLEU is a total winner. They are made out of the softest cotton and somehow barely wrinkle after they’ve been washed. I just love them! From now until after Labor Day, navyBLEU has given me the code ANNMARIE for 15% off your purchase. (I am wearing a medium and they fit perfectly.)


As part of my promise to keep the progress in the ban against assault weapons part of the conversation, here’s the latest:

The March Fourth effort, which was started by a small crew of incredibly motivated moms following the Highland Park shooting, is continuing to fight the good fight. They were back in DC this week having meetings with congressional leaders. The U.S. House is expected to vote on an assault weapons ban next week (for the first time in two decades). Please continue to call/email your reps to ensure they plan to vote in favor of H.R. 1808 next week. Click here for the latest news in this effort.

Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!


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