My 5 Favorite Things to Do in London

My daughter Grace moved to London last September and I don’t think a day goes by that I don’t dream about visiting her. I still can’t believe that she figured out how to make her life happen in that incredible city. I feel so lucky that I get to visit!

When I was there earlier this month, I made a list of my five favorite things to do when I’m in London. And make no mistake–I love to pretend that I’m in my early 20s living there, too!

  1. Order a flat white (wherever you go!). This is my London drink. I’m sure these British baristas are making my coffee of choice with whole milk, but I just don’t care! Grace makes me walk at least 10,000 steps before I get to order another one.
  2. Try the neighborhood restaurants. I have yet to be to London where I had a reservation at one of the “must-go” restaurants. Instead, we decide what we’d like to eat that night and then find a local place that serves it. Nothing bad has happened yet! On my last night with Grace earlier this month, we had mediterranean tapas at a restaurant just down the street from her apartment called Ceru and it was fantastic. Totally spur of the moment and amazing!
  3. Take public transportation. The one thing about traveling to London more frequently is that I’m getting more comfortable with their public transportation. It totally helps that you can get directions going anywhere–on any mode of transport–right on your phone!
  4. Go to a show. I love the theater, but for some reason, I almost never take advantage of it in Chicago. This spring, I saw “Tina” and “MJ the Musical” and they were fantastic, MJ especially. At almost the end of MJ, they did an homage to Michael Jackson’s hit from 1988 called “Man in the Mirror” and it brought me to tears. The choreography and talent of the actors was incredible.
  5. Have dessert. The posts I save most on Instagram are about the pastry du jour in London. Again, I eat any and all sweet treats when I’m in London because I know it’s just that–a wonderful treat!

Let me know if you’re booking a trip to London soon!


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