Leo’s Favorite Pasta

Hi everyone! Happy Monday! My college kids just went back to school today after an amazing, relaxing Easter weekend. When I kissed Grace goodbye, I reminded her that this was her last trip back to Notre Dame as a student. I’m still having a hard time believing that her college years are coming to an end, but she is so ready for her next adventure. I’m just relieved it will begin with a whole summer back at home!

I don’t know what your Mondays look like, but for me, no matter how much I do or don’t do on the weekend, I hold Mondays for any things that need my attention around the house. This really helps me get things done–while the house is empty! It’s my most productive day by a mile and I always sleep so well on Monday nights knowing that my house feels like it’s in order (until I do it all again next week!).

This week, we’re having our children’s rooms repainted. It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve had this done and it shows! We’re going super neutral this time around, since the kids have been playing musical rooms as beds free up when siblings leave for college. Currently, the girls share a room when they’re both home. But this summer, with two of our boys possibly being away at Notre Dame for football camp, Grace has her eyes set on moving into the room they’ll leave behind (Eddie is our lucky one who scored the single room, but when he’s away–it’s Leo’s room. They have a crazy honor system for who gets the single when they’re both at home. I’m glad I don’t have to keep track of that). We need to make this space a little more girl friendly before Grace moves home in May.

So today was great for my decluttering soul as I organized and added to their “baby boxes” with all of the things they collect: school awards, sports prizes, souvenirs from our vacations–they are all hoarders! It’s amazing how freeing it feels to clean up their rooms and put things away. I’m looking forward to a fresh start with some fresh paint.

Because of all the balls I have have up in the air, I’m keeping our dinners this week to ones that the kids love and that are easy to make. No new recipes, but rest assured that these are all tried, true, and delicious!

Monday: Leo’s favorite pasta with Italian sausage, butternut squash, and kale

Tuesday: Living With Landyn’s (if you don’t know Landyn, check her out!)cast-iron lemon chicken and broccoli au gratin

Wednesday: Spaghetti squash & meatballs

Thursday: Annie’s pizza zucchini boats

I hope this helps you get your week off to a great start! Have a good one!


Top photo of me by Jenn Marie Photography

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