5 Things I Do Every Sunday

Happy Sunday! I don’t know about you but I am staring THAT kind of week in the face. The new year has brought a lot of fun and unexpected work projects my way, but I always feel if I have my house in order, I can take on anything.

A couple of years ago I started a system where I do my big push of chores on Sunday. Yes, it makes Sundays a little less fun, but what I lose on that day, I make up for in the other six.

Here are the five things I do every Sunday to organize my week:

  • Put the upcoming week’s events on my calendar. I need to know what’s coming, so by spending a few minutes with the school calendars, I can plot out how the week is going to unfold–especially the bewitching hours between after school and dinner.
  • Clean out my refrigerator. This is the time where I do the once over for anything expired, leftovers that have lived passed their time, and take note of anything that’s missing. I also wipe down the shelves. Because I do this every week, it doesn’t take me very long.
  • Make a meal plan. Now that I now know what our evenings will look like, I can come up with a plan for dinners that makes sense. It’s the 7 p.m. basketball games that can be a killer! On these nights I make sure to have something those at home can serve themselves while I’m off cheering in the stands. I use the Weekly Meal Plan downloadable form from Day Designer and it has been life changing! I set the weekly meal menu on the left side of the page and make my grocery list on the right. It’s so simple and amazing!
  • Shop for groceries. I don’t know why I dislike grocery shopping as much as I do but it’s definitely one of my least favorite things. For me, every Sunday involves one trip to Costco and one trip to another grocery store to fill in the Costco gaps. The good news is that I can pretty much get everything I need for the week on Sunday so I only need to do this once. There is always the inevitable thing I forgot, but for the most part, this keeps me sane. One enormous game changer that is a pro-tip from my incredible sister Kate was to Instacart my Costco order. Since I buy almost the same things every week, I have a list that I fire off to Instacart and within two hours my groceries are delivered to my door. The minimal delivery charge and tip I pay is most definitely offset by the savings I’m building by eliminating any impulse purchases. If you haven’t tried it, you must!!
  • Wash, iron, and put away all of the laundry. This is a non-negotiable for me on the weekend, even when my washing machine is broken I find a way. By trudging through our laundry piles on Sunday, we can cross off this chore until the following week. It completely helps that my daughter helps sort everything for me, so if you can find a helper, it’s great that you do.

I hope these little tips get your week off to a great start! Have a good one!


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