The North Shore’s Best Tuna Salad

Yesterday in stories I asked you all where you get your favorite tuna salad sandwiches and you were very enthusiastic in your responses! I decided your answers most definitely needed a place in my Instagram feed and my blog, too, in case you want to save these in your “places to lunch” file. I’m planning to go on tour to taste test all of your suggestions very soon. Enjoy! ⁣

Your favorite tuna salads on the North Shore (in no particular order):⁣

🥪 Hometown Coffee & Juice–Glencoe, Winnetka, and soon Lake Forest, too!⁣

🥪 FoodStuffs–Lake Forest, Glencoe, Glenview, and Evanston⁣

🥪 Lake Forest Food & Wine–Lake Forest⁣

🥪 Once Upon a Bagel–Highland Park⁣

🥪 Three Tarts, Tuna Salad on olive bread (I’m so excited there is olive bread nearby!)–Northfield⁣

🥪 Upper Crust Bagels–Deerfield and Northbrook⁣

🥪 Lakeside Grocery Store–Winnetka⁣

🥪Sunset Foods’ Waldorf Tuna Salad or Low-Fat Tuna Salad–Highland Park, Lake Forest, Libertyville, Long Grove, Northbrook⁣

🥪 Bluffington’s Cafe–Lake Bluff⁣

🥪 Egg Harbor Cafe (so many locations!)⁣

🥪 True Juice–Highland Park and Winnetka⁣

🥪 Forest Greens Juice No-Tuna Salad (vegan)–Lake Bluff⁣

🥪Whole Foods Tuna Salad⁣

🥪 North Shore Country Club’s Halfway House–Glenview⁣


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