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Happy Friday! TGIF for sure!

What do you have going on this weekend? I’m so excited that I’m going to be my sister’s plus one at Woodlands Academy’s Congé event tomorrow night. It’s the 50th anniversary of Woodlands’ annual fundraiser and my sister Kate is one of the keynote speakers. I can’t wait to hear what she has to say! To get ready, I decided to give Rent the Runway a try to find a dress. And for a first experience, I think it went pretty well! I’ll do a post with a little more detail soon, but I am going to wear one of the dresses they sent. I can’t wait. I’m so proud of my sister, Kate!

It has been a crazy busy week over here, but I did find some fun things I want to share with you. Let’s go!

Cute wide-leg pants: Ever since skinny jeans got thrown out the window, I’ve been on the hunt for some cute wide-leg pants that are flattering. I think I may have finally found them! I picked up these in navy for my trip to visit Grace in Madrid next weekend and I think they will be the great day-to-night pants.

For glow getters: This is, hands down, the best powder bronzer I have ever used. This is from Bobbi Brown’s new company, Jones Road. She is returning to her roots of clean, simple beauty and this bronzer is a standout in her line. I use the medium tan color, but I also think the light tan would be super pretty as we ease into summer.

Some green for St. Paddy’s Day: I feel like my entire wardrobe these days is ivory and navy so I get very excited when I see a little color. Green is definitely the color of the season and this, this, and this would be extra cute if you’ll be celebrating the Irish next month.

Pack these shoes for spring break: I love the look and texture of these shoes. I think they would be super versatile and would work with denim, pants, or a cute dress.

Food for thought: I mentioned that I went to the doctor last week and that she said that the only way for someone in their 50s like me to really lose weight is to up my protein intake and start doing more strength training. Of course I had to fall down a few rabbit holes to research this and I came across a book that a friend of mine totally me about last year called The Galveston Diet. It’s all about eating the right foods at the right time and how menopause fits into all of that (fun stuff!!). It’s very interesting and well written if you have any desire to dig into this topic. I’m curious to ask my Dad who has been an OB-GYN most of his life what he thinks about all of this. I will report back once we have that convo.

That’s all I have for today! Have a great weekend!


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