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Happy Friday! I feel like it’s been a long week. I still haven’t quite hit my 2023 groove yet. But I’ll get there…fingers crossed.

Thankfully, procrastinating on my 2023 goals hasn’t gotten in the way of me collecting a few fun things to share with you this week.

My sweater: So many of you asked about this sweater that I was wearing in my stories yesterday (that I’m also wearing in the picture above). I’ve had a “no-clothes-shopping” January, but snuck this last purchase in before my personal shopping embargo went into effect. It’s a good one and it also comes in a blue colorway. I think it runs a little big, so you may want to size down if you decide to order. I’m wearing a small.

Inspirational book: Do you remember a few years ago when I would share little quotes from a daily devotional called Journey to the Heart? I fell away from reading it, but have picked it back up again this month. It’s amazing to me how relevant certain passages will be on the day that I read them. In case you’re looking for a good little nugget of inspiration, this book is worth a look.

New tank and leggings I’m loving: I’m a pretty devoted lululemon gal, but I spotted this cute tank and leggings combo at yoga last week from Athleta and decided to give them a try (there’s an exclusion to my no-shopping rule when it comes to workout gear—ha! I had some tanks and leggings that badly needed to be retired). They are as great as I had hoped. The tank is similar to lulu’s Align-waist racerback top, but it’s not as fitted and a little bit longer. I really like it. I think it runs a little small, so I bought a large and am really happy with the fit. And these Athleta leggings definitely give my beloved Aligns a run for their money. They’re very soft, but also give a nice amount of support. I wear a medium. And this weekend, all Athleta gear is 20% off.

Bethenny Frankel on beauty: If you’re a Real Housewives franchise fan, you know who Bethenny Frankel is. Since leaving the Bravo network, she’s had a number of new ventures—her most recent as a beauty influencer. Frankel is making her way through the beauty world trying every brand she can get her hands on—from the drug store aisle to the most exclusive and luxurious. I’m just in awe that she can layer all of these products on her body and not have any reactions to them—amazing! But she has really opened my eyes to the fact that a good product doesn’t have to be expensive. I’ll let you know if I agree with any of her theories.

Valentine’s Day pajamas: My girlfriends took me to a belated birthday lunch this week at the Deer Path Inn and treated me to the most darling heart-themed gifts. One of my favorites was a set of the Printfresh Valentine’s Day pajamas that Lake Forest’s Lillie Alexander boutique is currently selling. I have a hunch these won’t be around for long so grab them while they’re hot. And if you aren’t local, here’s a link to them online where you can get 15% off when you enter ANNMARIE at checkout. I generally wear a small in their pajama sets.

All right, my friends, I’m off to cheer on the Lake Forest Scouts freshmen basketball team. I’m hoping for a much-needed win! Have a wonderful weekend. And please check back next week. I have lots of fun things up my sleeve.


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Photo by Robin Subar Photography

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