Friday Five

You guys…I made it to Friday. Kitchen packed up…check! Kitchen paint colors finalized…check! Family all together for a fun few days in Cape Cod…check! Check! Check! To close out this jam-packed week, here is my “Friday Five.”

  • Tuckernuck shirt dress: My love for these Tuckernuck shirt dresses is real. I now own four of them (I know…!), my newest in this dreamy floral print (shown above) that makes me think of summer in Palm Beach. Again, this one-and-done look can easily take you from day to night. They are a bit over-sized, so be sure to size down if you decide to order–I’m wearing a small for reference.

  • Starbucks Mango Dragonfruit Refresher: I give all of the credit to my lifelong bestie Cindy for turning me on to this fun summer drink. It’s low in caffeine and high on punchy flavor…it’s the perfect drink to quench your thirst after a long walk, clocking in under 100 calories for a grande.

  • Cool Carryon: After years of trial and error, my favorite travel carryon is the MZ Wallace Large Metro Tote. I love it because it’s super lightweight, has a few key pockets, straps long enough to comfortably carry over my shoulder, and a zip-top closure. But until today, I didn’t know that it also had the “cool factor.” Both my girls, representing the high school and college set, commented that they would like a bag like mine for toting their school books. High praise if I’ve ever heard it!

  • Beacon Place Walk-A-Thon: This coming Monday, August 2, from 11:15 am to 2:15 pm, Beacon Place is hosting its summer Walk-A-Thon to recognize how far their students and families have come this last year. If you’d be interested in volunteering or participating, click here.

  • GOOP Metabolism Boost: Yep, I was “influenced” last week by Gwyneth Paltrow and had to give this hopefully magic potion a try. I’m only two days in so I can’t yet report on any results. But, I can tell you it’s been a nice change-up in my smoothie routine. I’ve been pretty faithful to my spinach-almond butter-protein recipe, so some frozen blueberries mixed with dates and the Metabolism Boost almost tastes sweet–which is a good thing for my very sweet tooth. I’ll keep you posted if I notice any differences in how I feel.


Pictures by Jenn Marie Photography 

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