How I Get Organized

Since posting my goals for 2020 earlier this month, I’ve had a few people ask me how I plan to stay on track.

I’ve made no secrets in this space about being a crazy planner who loves a routine. Two years ago, I discovered a paper planning system that not only keeps up with my note-taking, it anticipates it.

This is my third year using a Day Designer planner and I’m completely hooked. This system is simple, travels well, and is very pretty.

One change I made for 2020 is to move from a daily planner to a weekly version. What I realized is how valuable it is for me to see the whole week at a glance. I’ve always loved being able to see a full month on a page and now I can do the same with my week.

There is still plenty of room for my lists and this way I can actually better place my to-dos across the entire week.

If I run out of room, Day Designer has a number of free printable sheets that I can add. I have two favorites right now: the Weekly Meal Planner and the Food and Exercise Log.

The Weekly Meal Planner is particularly great because as I strategize about what we’re going to eat each night on the left side of the page, I can make a corresponding grocery list on the right. I don’t know why I think this is magical…but I do!

I try to sit with my planner every Sunday and map out the week as much as I can…work meetings, kids’ activities, meals, projects I’m working on around the house…and that gives me a pretty good picture for the week. I keep track of my blog editorial in a separate calendar because it really does seem to have a life of its own.

This little system doesn’t work miracles but it does help me tackle what I have coming day-to-day. When I feel overwhelmed, just getting it down on paper makes it all seem manageable–which takes me a few steps closer to my word for 2020–joy!

I hope this is helpful! This method has organized me tons, but I would love to know what you’re doing to get your arms around all you have going on, too. We can all learn from each other!


P. S. In the spirit of full disclosure, Day Designer did give me an affiliate link. Should you decide to purchase a planner from them, I will make a small commission. Please know, however, that I would never support a product that I didn’t try for an extended period of time and fully enjoy. I purchased my own planners from Day Designer and am a huge fan!

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