Lead With Love

A long time ago, I gave up on the idea that there is such thing as coincidences. I have enough life experience to know that God’s hands are what actually makes those magical stars align.⁣

Last week, I was one of the many bloggers who decided to silence my voice in order to amplify the content of people of color. It was a wonderful time to push the pause button and listen, learn, and attempt to understand.⁣

As the days ticked by and got closer to today, I was feeling pressure to say how I would be doing things differently going forward. I downloaded several books and read countless articles in search of some genuine inspiration.⁣

Then late yesterday afternoon, my family learned that we lost a beautiful beacon of (orange) light in our lives, my very dear brother-in-law, Fr. David Scheidler. David was an incredible brother, uncle, pastor, and friend to so many. He was also an incredibly gifted homilist. He had this amazing way of taking scripture and making it relevant, sometimes for me, even explaining it in terms of “Us Weekly” or the “Real Housewives of New York.” He wanted to make sure I got it.⁣ ?

David was already unconscious from complications of a stem cell transplant when the horrors of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor came to light, so I never got to talk with him about it. I’m imagining David would say that we’ve over-complicated our thinking in how to move forward. We just need to meet people where they are and meet them with love. And if they don’t love us back, we just love them more.⁣

So I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all that on the day I’m sharing my voice again, I’m so profoundly hearing the voice of Heaven’s newest angel cheering me on. “Keep it simple. Just lead with love.” And that’s exactly what I plan to do…with everyone and everything.⁣

Rest In Peace, dear David. We love you so much! ?

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