My Three Favorite Podcasts This Summer

I have been a walking machine this summer. It’s the only consistent workout I’ll happily do every day. If I can’t recruit a buddy to go with me, I’ve been downloading new and different podcasts to make the time pass. I’m still surprised when I hear that people haven’t given these a whirl because there are so many to choose from…and they’re free!

Here are the three podcasts that I can’t get enough of this summer:

How I Built This: OMG! This one, hands down, is the best weekly podcasts in my lineup. NPR host Guy Raz dives into the stories behind some of the world’s best known companies. He talks to everyone, the founders of Ben & Jerry’s, lululemon, Supergoop, Tatcha Skincare, Shake Shack…the list goes on. I have yet to listen to an episode where there hasn’t been some major takeaway that I can apply to my family or to my blog that I hope to turn into a business. The reach of this podcast continues to amaze me. It’s a total favorite of my daughter Grace’s and this week, I shared an episode I was loving on Instagram and my youngest brother Patrick swiped up to tell me that he has been binge-listening to this series, too. Check it out!

Living With Landyn: If I could be anyone when I grow up in this blogger world, it would be Landyn Hutchinson. My younger sister turned me on to her a couple of years ago and she is the epitome of a girl’s girl who shares everything that’s helpful to her in life. I love her energy, positivity, creativity, and overall curiosity of all people and things. This spring, Landyn launched a weekly podcast where she shares lots of her lifestyle content, including interviews with some of her inner circle. My favorite recent episode was an interview she did with her plastic surgeon who broke down the nitty gritty of the nips and tucks some of us dream about. You will love her!

Live Greatly: Newest to my list of listens is Live Greatly, a podcast launched by Lake Forest’s Kristel Bauer. With her history working as a physician assistant in integrative psychiatry and functional medicine, Kristel has a unique perspective on optimizing mental health to become more resilient. Kristel releases a new Live Greatly podcast twice a month and has had an incredible lineup of guests, including Kelly Noonan, the writer/director/producer of the Heal Documentary and Colleen Wachob, the co-CEO of Mindbodygreen. Her latest episode is a fascinating interview with Jason Feifer, the editor in chief of Entrepreneur Magazine. Kristel inspires me every day as she navigates this new podcast medium in such a masterful way!

I love how these podcasts make my world bigger and give me a deeper understanding in what’s happening around me.

What are you listening to?


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  1. R Ann Jones wrote:

    I’m with you — I love podcasts!My absolute favorites are from Pushkin ( — they have so many good ones, but my top 3 favorites areRevisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell)Against the Rules (Michael Lewis)Cautionary Tales (Tim Hartford)

    Posted 7.16.20 Reply
    • Ann Marie Scheidler wrote:

      These all have me intrigued! I will definitely take a look. Thanks for sharing!

      Posted 7.16.20 Reply