Needing My Own Space: My Favorite Mother’s Day Gift

As I’ve been working on pulling together gift ideas for Mother’s Day, I’ve been thinking about the fun presents I’ve received over the years and I think the one I received last year topped all others…my desk!

Until we moved into this house, my husband and I not only shared a desk, but we shared a computer, too. It was a huge upgrade to find our current home that had a working space for me in the kitchen and I bought my very own laptop. For years, I loved having my office in the middle of the action. But as my kids have gotten older, the kitchen is never really closed. With different wakeup times and workout schedules, it seems that people are making breakfast and lunch all day long. It was getting harder and harder for me to get things done because my office felt like Grand Central Station. Finally, last year, in anticipation of a busy summer with everyone home, I asked the Mother’s Day fairy to bring me my very own desk.

Although it took me a few months to get my office pulled together in this little nook off of our master bedroom, I thank my lucky stars that I got it done when I did (with a lot of help from my pal Kristi Nevin!). It has been my saving grace during our shelter in place these last several weeks.

The key to keeping our home happy with all seven of us in it, has been that we can each retreat to our own corners during the day when we have things to get done. Having this beautiful space has been such a sanctuary for me. Even if I’m just up here checking Instagram and not doing billable work, it has been the perfect place to push the reset button.

If you’re thinking about what you’d like for Mother’s Day and you don’t have your own little space at home to call your own, might I suggest you make one? It will serve you well long after this Corona-way-of-life is something we talk about in the past tense.

Here are the details of my home office:

Furniture: Desk (not exactly the same as mine but pretty close); desk chair from Ballard; lamp from Homegoods; pillow and trunk fabric from Calico Corners; and rug from TJMaxx

Accessories: Shelves from Target; Chanel book, picture frames, leopard box, notebooks, and gold-tone vase from Homegoods; file folders from Staples; porcelain book ends from Anna’s Mostly Mahogony; porcelain birds, porcelain vase, moss ball from Pasquesi Home & Gardens

Artwork: Here’s my little hack. I love having art that reminds me of places I’ve been. The best trip I’ve ever taken has been to Italy’s Amalfi Coast and I wanted to have pictures from there above my desk. My personal photos weren’t great, but I found these Gray Malin look-alikes on Etsy. I then found these frames at Homegoods. I couldn’t be happier!

I hope this post gets you a little closer to your happy place!


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