Random Thoughts While Cleaning the Shower

For as long as I can remember, long before I even moved out of my parents’ house, Monday has been “cleaning day.” Because of this, I have a love-hate relationship with Mondays: the day itself is a grind, but to have a clean house by dinner time is amazing!

As I was scrubbing our bathroom shower yesterday, I remembered how eight weeks ago I was running around on a Monday, getting things in order for my sweet housekeeper to come (rough life, I know!), and I became overwhelmed with all of the projects I saw that needed to be done around our house: deep cleaning our storage closets; updating the basement into a hangout for the kids; repainting our powder room on the first floor; re-sanding our front walk and patio…. It was a pretty long list and I was fairly sure that no one in my crew was taking the same project notes I was.

Fast forward to today and nearly all of those projects are almost done. And while I did wonder for a minute when I was cleaning out my closet if I’ll ever get dressed in real clothes again, I’m so incredibly grateful to have had this time to get caught up. Even if I had decided to take a month off from work to get these things done in the non-corona world, all of my other commitments would still have been in full swing, not to mention the busy lives of my family and friends. It’s been the complete lack of FOMO that has kept me on track. There isn’t even the guilt that I should be spending time with my kids instead of one of my purging projects because now I have time for both!! Like a friend said to me earlier today, there are silver linings everywhere.

Just a random thought I had while I was cleaning the shower. Thinking of all of you and hoping that your holiday week is off to a great start.


Jacket, tee shirt, and sunglasses from J. Crew last year, but similar ones here, here, and here. Tote bag from Tory Burch. Lipstick is Famous Red from Nars (my go-to!).

Photography by Robin Subar

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