Spirited Sweater

Hello you guys. I am so excited to share this sweater with you!

A few weeks ago (or maybe it’s been months now), a follower sent me a picture of this sweater and told me I needed to get one. She was so right! I reached out to the store that sells them–Pyar + Co. (on Halsted in Chicago)–and set up a time to meet with the owner Paula.

Paula is absolutely adorable–as is her store–and she walked through all of the customization work that her store now offers, including my  sweater. At a very reasonable cost, her supplier handstitches sweaters, denim jackets…you name it. This sweater currently comes in four colorways. And, you can have input on the color thread used in what you have stitched on the sweater. For example, if you would like to order a sweater with “Illini” on it, the maker will likely choose an orange that would be in the school’s color palette but will confirm with you first. Your sweater doesn’t have to be limited to a college–it can be a high school, a team, or an organization you would like to represent (within trademark guidelines! Paula is very careful and well versed in these.)

Because I’m in my Notre Dame football chapter of life, Paula was able to have my boys’ jersey numbers stitched on either sleeve. This makes this sweater extra special and is a great example of the level of customization that Pyar + Co. can offer.

For reference, I’m wearing a large sweater. This knit tends to fit a little more snug. But, I have washed and dried it twice and it has maintained its shape and still looks brand new–as does the stitching.

Turnaround is a couple of weeks, but there is still time to place an order before the holidays if you would like to snag one.

Here’s a link if you’d like to order a sweater. And here is Paula’s email if you have any questions: paula@pyarandco.com.

I would love to know what you think. Feel free to ask any questions. I’m happy to help!


Photos by Elizabeth Kelley

Disclaimer: Pyar + Co. gifted me my sweater.

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