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I’m on the plane home now after visiting my sweet girl in London for a few days. Every time I travel, I feel like I get a little bit smarter in how and what I pack. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things that have made my long travel days so much easier and more comfortable.

Spanx jumpsuit: I am a HUGE fan of the Spanx Air Essentials line and have worn it on pretty much every flight I’ve taken in the last year. Spank just launched this jumpsuit in black and camel and they are AWESOME. You might be thinking that a jumpsuit is the last thing you would want to wear on a long plane ride, but it was so comfortable and easy to manage. It has two little buttons at the neck, so trips to the bathroom were no problem. And I liked that nothing was coming untucked. This wide-leg silhouette is hard to beat.

Cardigan: All last week I had thought I would wear a long cardigan with this jumpsuit for my flight, but at the last minute I grabbed this striped one I had in my closet and it was the perfect layer for the plane.

Rain coat: The last time I went to London, I bought a new trench coat with a hood. I was worried that was going be too heavy for this trip across the pond, so I bought this rain jacket from lululemon that’s the perfect blend of windbreaker and rain coat. It wasn’t too hot on the days it was 60 degrees and raining, but it was a great extra layer when the temps dropped into the 40s. It’s totally rainproof and I was especially grateful for that as I walked to the train this morning in the rain as I made my way to the airport.

Sneakers: While I did pack two cute pairs of flats, it’s these New Balance 327 sneakers that go the distance. Grace and I average between 20,000-30,000 steps per day when I visit and my feet never hurt. Never! I know these are quintessential mom shoes but they’re pretty darn amazing in spite of how they might look. While this color way might not be available in your size, there are loads of New Balance 327s to choose from!

Jewelry: I keep this super simple. I just bring my favorites. This heart necklace and pearl earrings (10 or 12 mm size) pretty much work for every look I packed for my trip and they’re easy to wear on the plane.

Travel bags: Grace had me on the train, on the underground, and on the bus on my short visit and my travel bags didn’t let me down. This Naghedi tote is amazing because you can stuff it and it still fits nicely on top of my Mark and Graham carryon suitcase. (I also love it because I can throw it right into the washing machine when I get home.) The key to everything fitting is using packing cubes like these in my suitcase and then these pouches (these too!) in my tote. There are NO loose items. Everything has its place. And this morning when my tote was randomly selected at Heathrow for a security check, even though everything had to come out–it was no problem to put it all back together. I also brought this bag that I got for Christmas and used it as my daytime tote. It packed so nice and flat in my suitcase.


Disclaimer: If you purchase an item through a link in this post, I do make a small commission–almost as if I were your personal shopper. I only share what I love and I promise to let you know if I’m specifically working with a brand to help promote their products.

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