Summer Nail Colors Here to Stay

It was so much fun sharing my favorite dresses with you last week that I thought I’d dive deep into something else I love…nail color.

Even though my wardrobe tends to be more neutral, I do love color when it comes to my lips and nails. Summer colors are especially fun for me and I try to keep things bright as long as I can. I love a good no-chip manicure and tend to be able to get three weeks between each polish. I know some people find no-chip manicures hard on their nails, but mine seem to be hanging in there (although I do think the four-month manicure quarantine was a happy break).

Here is short list of the colors I’ve been wearing on repeat:

This is my new favorite, Charging Up Cherry from OPI. It comes in regular polish or the no-chip finish I tend to pick. It’s a little more coral pink than red, but I love that it feels fresh and summery.

Lobster Roll by CND is a no-chip color and it’s the best of Nantucket. This is my very favorite coral-red and it was literally the only nail color I wore the last few summers. This polish may only come in no-chip, but it’s so much fun if you’re giving that type of manicure a go.

Coca Cola Red from OPI is the OG of nail colors. It’s the perfect red and can take you straight from summer to Christmas to Valentine’s Day and back to summer again. I love this color and it comes in multiple finishes: regular and no-chip to name a few.

Let me know if you decide to choose one of these fun colors! I swear they’ll put you in a good mood almost before they’re dry!


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