Some Thoughts On Navigating This Uncertain Time

Last night about 8:00 p.m. my phone started to blow up. PresidentTrump had just announced the European travel ban and many of you know that mysweet Grace has been in Spain for her spring break for the last week. The goodnews is that she’s booked on a noon flight home on Friday and that should anythinghappen with that flight, the restrictions are more for Europeans thanAmericans. We’ll be able to find her a way home.

While I have a Type A personality, I tend not to be a panicker. I often try to balance nervous energy around me by maybe swinging too far the other way, almost being too relaxed. Last night I asked my brother who is a doctor how afraid I need to be of all of this. I so respect his opinion, because like me, he doesn’t tend to be an alarmist.

Dr. Joe said that there is no reason to be afraid, but that we need to be smart. What makes this virus scary is not how it will make us sick, but more how it will hit so many people at one time and crush our medical system. So he encourages us to be smart:

  • Wash our hands.
  • Don’t touch our faces.
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid densely populated areas.

This doesn’t mean be a hermit. We have to keep living our lives but do so in a conscientious way. At some point, we may need to shut everything down to contain this illness, but until then let’s just keep moving forward, follow necessary precautions, and being grateful for all of the things we have working in our favor.

Stay strong and positive, friends! We’ve got this!


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