Friday Five

Happy Friday! We’re busy over here gearing up for Father’s Day this Sunday, but that doesn’t mean I’ve been too distracted to keep a running list of my five favorite things from this week. Let’s go!

  • Mare of East Town: My daughter and I binge-watched this seven-episode series on HBO Max starring Kate Winslet. To say it was AMAZING isn’t saying enough! I wasn’t sure after the first episode that I’d be able to hang in there because it starts out very dark, but after a little encouragement from the gals at Valentina in Lake Forest, I did and it was so worth it. While nearly every character faced some horrible tragedy, each storyline ended with a hopeful message. There’s murder, romance, and a twist at every turn. It’s very worth all of the hype!

  • St. Armands Designs Lido Earrings: These pom-pom earrings are very much in my summer rotation and they take everything I wear up a notch. I noticed that this weekend they’re 20% off with the code “LIDO”, which is practically permission to buy yourself another pair from this fun Florida brand.

  • Deseda’s Newest Release: I’m a huge fan girl of Deseda founder Sarah Somers. Just when I think she has launched my favorite scarf from her luxury line, she releases another one that I love even more. This week, Sarah unveiled the “El Camino” in the prettiest shades of green–and in my opinion–it’s her best work yet. This scarf design was created during quarantine by artist Lorena Gonzalez as a beautiful representation of our personal journeys navigating life’s challenges in order to truly find ourselves. It’s absolutely stunning. If you’re not already following Deseda on Instagram, please do, and you’ll quickly get up to speed on the chicest ways to wear this scarf. Should you choose to purchase one, enter or mention “ANNMARIE” at checkout and you’ll get 20% off your purchase.

  • My Ray-Ban Sunglasses: One of my favorite purchases this summer have been these Ray-Ban sunglasses in the warmest coppery caramel color. They can be sporty or dressy depending on my mood–it’s great to be able to have just one pair in my bag that cover all of my bases.

And I know I said this is my Friday Five, but here’s just one more tip because I’m in the weekend spirit. If you’re local and still looking for Father’s Day gift ideas, head on over to Smith’s Men’s Store in Lake Forest. I was there earlier today and they were were just loaded with great gifts for Dad–everything from flip flops, to cologne, to golf shirts and shorts in every color. They will even do the wrapping! You’re welcome!

Happy happy Friday!


Photo of me by Jenn Marie Photography

If you’re interested, here are the details on my outfit above:

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