Find Your Eyebrows with Jar Bar Makeup’s Jen Bobay

If you were in your 20s in the 1990s, you may suffer from the same thing I do…over-waxed eyebrows. I’m not quite sure exactly when it happened, but my once-Brooke Shields’ eyebrows now look like tiny, slivered wisps.

But thank goodness for sweet friends in high places. My dear buddy, Jen Bobay, owner and founder of Jar Bar Makeup, taught an a makeup master earlier this month where she gave me three tips on fixing this brow disaster.

  • Choose a color that doesn’t have red in it, suggesting that most true brunettes should choose a brown with taupe in it. Jen suggested “Giselle” as the right color for me. My skin has naturally cool undertones and this color plays to those.
  • Use a cream product and brow brush. This allows even amateurs to apply the product with an expert hand.
  • Follow the natural shape of your brow and fill it in. It’s important to start where your brow begins at the center of your face and move to your left. There’s a hard starting point but you can extend your brow as outward as your comfortable.

That’s all there’s to it!

If you need a little more convincing that framing your face is this easy, Jen is hosting another Summer Makeup Series at The Lake Forest Shop tomorrow, July 27. Call the shop to sign up for your complimentary 30-minute lesson, 847.234.0548.

Here’s a little bit more about Jar Bar Makeup. Jen founded Jar Bar Makeup, a complete mineral makeup line that is free of parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, bismuth chloride, and talc.

“When I first decided to launch my company, I thought my business would be makeup application–teaching my friends and their daughters how to use makeup and what is in their products,” she explains. “It was somewhat of an accident that what we ended up marketing was the makeup itself. There is a real power to how makeup can make you feel, at every age. And it shouldn’t be just a mask…it should be benefitting your skin when you’re wearing it.”

The Lake Forest Shop is located at 265 Market Square in Lake Forest, 847.234.0548, You can learn more about Jen Bobay and Jar Bar Makeup at

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