My 3 Favorite Supergoop Products

Friends, it only happens once each summer, but Supergoop is having its summer sale, offering 20% off its products site wide with the code SUMMER20. Today is the last day of the sale so I thought I’d share my favorites with you.

I fell in love with Supergoop last summer, when blogger after blogger started posting about Supergoop’s Glow Screen. I had to try it and immediately understood what the hype was about. A local friend then connected me with the brand who gifted me the amazing products you see in the photo above. This company is incredible!

Just a little background…Supergoop was founded by Holly Thaggard, an entrepreneur who wanted to create an effective sunscreen that was free of many of the toxic ingredients found in most sunscreen brands. “How I Built This” podcast host Guy Raz did a fantastic interview with Holly where she shared that her original idea was to get non-toxic sunscreen on all school playgrounds. It made her crazy that children were sent outside to play everyday without any protection from the sun’s harmful rays. When she realized this was an impossible task because of how schools handle over-the-counter medications and products like sunscreen, Holly made it her mission to change the conversation about sunscreen–that it’s not just for the summer months, we need sun protection all year. In building brand awareness in the early days of Supergoop, she went as far as going into stores like Sephora and stocking their shelves for free with her products just to get them out into the world. Holly’s story is really amazing.

I have three products in regular rotation from Supergoop that I’m crazy about:

  • Glowscreen SPF 40: If I’m going to be out in the sun all day and I think my typical SPF isn’t enough, I will use this Glowscreen. I noticed that over spring break, I barely needed to reapply this to keep my skin from burning. It works great under makeup and gives your face that little extra glow that’s especially fun in the summer. They also make Glowscreen for the body that I haven’t yet tried, but sounds amazing.

  • Play Antioxidant Body Mist SPF 30: This is the first sunscreen I’ve used that really keeps me from burning. It goes on so light, but has heavy duty sun-protecting powers. I also like to spray this on the part in my hair to keep it from burning. Because it’s so light, it doesn’t make my hair look greasy. This is a power tool for your sun bag.

  • Play Antioxidant Body Mousse SPF 50: I usually start a sunny vacation with this product. This Play mousse is the easiest sunscreen to apply. It goes on light and is easy to reapply and keeps my Irish-German skin from burning to a crisp. Love this!

I don’t think you can go wrong with any of the Supergoop products. They’ve been engineered with such care that they’ve taken the hard part out of using sun protection–we just have to remember to put it on!


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