Time to Light Up That Tunnel

Do you ever have those weeks where you just hear story after story of how someone is experiencing something so sad, and even though it’s not directly happening to you, you carry a little piece of it around inside?

First thing Friday, my sister texted our mom-sister group chat that something was wrong with her sweet little dog. “Teddy” had been at her side for the last 12 years. Her vet confirmed that he was very sick and her family had to say their goodbyes. The suddenness of all of this was just devastating to them. And I was forced to ask again…”2020, really?”

Then when I was at yoga yesterday, the teacher referenced this documentary she had watched where a philosopher said that we really need to sit in our own “crappola” before significant change can happen. I’m here to go on the record, folks, that we’ve sat in our 2020 crappola long enough. It’s time to start changing things up!

So, I made a list of small things we can do to be our own light at the end of this tunnel we call 2020.

  • Pick up a copy of the book, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie. It’s a collection of short meditations and I’m continually awed by how relatable each one is to what’s happening in my life. When Beattie wrote this book, she had no idea what 2020 had planned for us, but somehow almost every meditation is spot on. This is a new habit for me to start my day with this book, but it only takes a few minutes and it has already given me so much to think about.
  • Watch the movie Rudy. You don’t even have to be a Notre Dame fan to watch this movie and feel like you can accomplish anything you put your mind to! It’s such a feel good that it will actually make you forget about how terrible 2020 has been, at least for two hours. And for a real treat, download the podcast A Perfect Movie where the hosts outline how Rudy is, in fact, the perfect movie.
  • Give someone else a boost. For me, I’m happiest when I can be helpful. Look around and see who you might be able to give a hand to in someway.
  • Buy your calendar for 2021. For a girl who is a planner, 2020 has been brutal in more ways than one. I bought my new planner last week and it’s already made me more hopeful for what’s to come next year. I’m making plans…in ink!

I know these things are silly, but I’ve had enough. If 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that life is short and that we need to find joy wherever we can. Let’s go get the joy!


Photography by Jenn Marie

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  1. Chris Kelley wrote:

    Great tips! What planner do you like for 2021?

    Posted 9.20.20 Reply