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Slow cooker chicken and pasta primavera

Happy Monday! I hope everyone is enjoying this long weekend! I had such a great response to the meal plan I posted last week, as well as so many amazing suggestions, I’ve decided to do it again. But before I do, I wanted to share an idea from my friend Colleen.

Colleen has taken meal planning to the next level as she brainstormed meal ideas in five different categories for her children to choose from (see her list below). Last week, she asked each of her kids to pick one meal from each category and then she built her kid-approved weekly menus for the next month. Genius! To top it off, she then posts the menu in her kitchen so her kids know what to expect for the coming week.

I haven’t yet reached Colleen’s level of organization and creativity, but it’s definitely a new goal! My husband is traveling a lot for the next month and my children’s after-school activities are picking up, so you’ll notice a heavier emphasis on the slow-cooker since I can get our dinner going before our day really gets underway. This week I tried to incorporate a little bit healthier fare…I turned to Better Homes’ and Taste of Home’s Skinny Slow Cooker magazines for inspiration. Here is what’s on the docket for my family’s dinners this week.

This week’s dinners:

  • Sunday: Parmesan chicken (recipe posted here), pesto noodles, broccoli, mixed greens salad
  • Monday: Slow cooker chicken and pasta primavera, mixed greens salad, flat bread seasoned with olive oil and parmesan cheese (This is a new recipe for us. I will let you know how it goes!)
  • Tuesday: Easy Baja pork tacos in the slow cooker, Spanish rice, sauteed green beans, cubed watermelon
  • Wednesday: Baked pesto salmon (picked this up in the prepared foods section at Costco), scalloped potatoes, sauteed asparagus, mixed greens salad
  • Thursday: Slow cooker cheeseburger soup, mixed greens salad, cubed watermelon
  • Friday: Pizza night
  • Saturday: Kids’ choice

I hope this is helpful as you head into the new week! As always, please keep me posted on what’s working in your kitchen.


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