Spring Makeup with Trish McEvoy

I’m in the process of getting all of my ducks in a row for all of the graduations and fun our family has in the coming weeks. Everything from menus to making sure all of my boys have sport coats that fit have a place on my to-do list. One of the fun things I also wanted to check off was making sure I have some pretty spring makeup in my cosmetic bag.

The first person I turn to whenever I have a makeup question is Trish McEvoy’s Regional Trainer Katherine Heinrich who I met at Lake Forest’s Bluemercury store years ago. When I saw Katherine last week, she asked me how long I had been a Trish McEvoy customer and I told her I thought it went all the way back to 2009 when I was working for Make It Better. Back in those days, I was Make It Better’s Fashion Editor and I was always on the lookout for a local fashion or beauty story. A friend of mine from the magazine invited me to be her guest at a personal appearance Trish McEvoy herself was making at Nordstrom at Old Orchard. And I think it was love at first sight.

Trish McEvoy’s whole system for makeup has always spoken to me. She developed her skincare and makeup products with the beauty insights she had as a woman and the scientific know-how she had acquired being married to a dermatologist. Her intention is that every product she makes is simple to use and brings joy. Trish has also always emphasized that when you buy a product, you need to know how to use it. So if you’ve ever had your makeup done by a Trish expert, they teach as they apply–often handing over their brushes to you so that you can learn as you go.

But what sealed the deal with me is Trish’s iconic “planner” that you can store your makeup in. You can only have as much makeup as the planner can hold and it’s such a nice way to always be able to see everything that you have. There is no packing a cosmetic bag when you travel because if you follow Trish’s system, your makeup planner is always ready to go!

When I called Katherine about working together on a spring makeup story, she asked if my daughter Annie would be interested in coming along. She said that Trish really wants to connect with young women and teach them about skincare and makeup early on in their lives, so that they good and healthy habits at a young age. With prom just around the corner, Annie was game to join me.

Annie’s Fresh Look for Prom

The only thing that made Annie a little bit nervous about having her makeup done is that she’s definitely a “less is more” gal. She has eyelashes for days (this will have to be its own post someday), so she gets by with mascara, a little concealer, and some lipgloss.

Katherine was very open to Annie keeping her look simple, deciding to focus on her eyes and lips for her prom makeover.

Annie’s Favorite Trish McEvoy Products

Arabian Nights Eyeliner: I think this was Annie’s favorite product. She doesn’t typically wear eyeliner, but Katherine showed her by putting a little dot along her upper eye lid between her lashes, it made her eyes seem so much bigger and brighter.

Eyeshadow Stick in Bliss: This gave Annie’s eyes just the perfect amount of sparkle and shine. These eyeshadow crayons are very easy to use.

BB Cream in Shade 1.5: Annie didn’t think she would like this BB Cream because she’s very against foundations, but this product is very sheer while providing full coverage. She is now a fan!

Highlighter Stick: Katherine showed Annie how to just pat this into the top of her cheek bone up towards the corner of her eyelid to give her face a little shimmer. It’s so subtle and so pretty.

Lip Gloss in Bright Pink: This was the perfect amount of color for Annie and very springy.

Pro-Tip from Katherine: Katherine had a terrific idea for a graduation gift. She recently had a client come in with her daughter and she put together a planner of makeup for her daughter to take to college. I thought this was such a smart suggestion to have everything the college student needs all in one compact place. This would be a very special, very practical gift.

My Spring Makeup Look

No matter how many times I’ve had my makeup done with Katherine, I always learn something new! For this session with Katherine, I just wanted her help upping my everyday look for spring.

My Favorites

Beta Hydroxy Pads: She always stresses to me when I see her that one of the most important things I can do for my skin is exfoliate. I don’t think there is any better product for this on the market than the Beta Hydroxy Pads that Trish makes. These are gentle enough to use these daily.

Soothe & Illumniate Cream: Hands down, this was my favorite product of my makeover. Katherine put it on my face and it instantly gave me a natural glow.

BB Cream 1.5: I haven’t used this product in a while and I was so glad when Katherine suggested it for spring. It’s a little darker than my normal shade, but I couldn’t get over how it makes my skin look. This is a must for anyone who wants full coverage and sunscreen protection without feeling like you’re wearing makeup. And it was such a winning combo with the Soothe & Illuminate Cream.

Eye Base Essentials: This is a Trish McEvoy classic and it should be in everyone’s makeup kit. It’s amazing to me the difference putting this on before any eye makeup makes. It instantly brightens your eyes.

Fuller Lips: This was the a-ha of the day for me. For some crazy reason, fuller lips equals younger appearance. So Katherine showed me how you can create this illusion with a nude lip pencil by outlining a little heavier on your top and bottom lip and then filling it in with this new Beauty Balm for Lip and Cheek in Pink. She then finished it off with a little bit of gloss. I love this!

Mother’s Day gift idea: I’ve always marveled at how good Katherine smells! I finally got up the nerve to ask her what her perfume was and she said it was Trish McEvoy’s Number 9. It is the prettiest powdery scent and well-priced for such a beautiful fragrance.

Bluemercury-Trish McEvoy Event in Lake Forest

If you want to give any of these products a try or set up a mother-daughter makeup appointment with a Trish McEvoy consultant, the Lake Forest Bluemercury store is hosting a Trish event right before Mother’s Day: May 5-7. Call Bluemercury to make your appointment: 847.615.3000.

Katheine, we had a ball with you! Thank you so much for taking such good care of Annie and me!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Annie’s and my makeup session was giftedby Trish McEvoy.

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